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The Claim Process. From Start to Finish

Filling Your Claim

 Our team of professionals works diligently to gather all necessary documentation, communicate with insurance providers, and ensure that every claim is thoroughly reviewed and accurately assessed. We understand that timely and accurate claim handling is crucial in minimizing disruptions and providing peace of mind to our clients.

Professional Friendly Homeowner's Representative

 Our dedicated team of agents is committed to providing exceptional service, whether meeting with your insurance agent in person or virtually, to assess and discuss the damage to your property. We understand the importance of a thorough evaluation to ensure accurate claim documentation. 

We work with the Insurance

We prioritize prompt resolution of assessments and strive to work professionally with the insurance carrier to achieve this goal. Our team finds efficient solutions and collaborates with the insurance carrier to ensure a timely resolution. However, if the insurance carrier denies the claim, we have third-party specialists available to provide expert assistance and advocacy on your behalf. Rest assured, we are committed to pursuing all avenues to help you obtain your desired resolution. 

We Work With Third-Party Contractors

Our third-party General Contractor work with all parties allowing homeowners the ability to receive compensation. 

A Program never seen in the industry before!

We handled final payments!

We have established a seamless process in which the insurance carrier sends checks directly to us. This allows us to handle all payment transactions with the repair contractors, removing the stress and burden from you! With our efficient system, homeowners can rest assured that all payments will be taken care of accurately, allowing them to focus on the recovery process with peace of mind. OR


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