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Frequently Asked Questions


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As an independent insurance professional, a public adjuster works for the policyholder to ensure their claim is settled fairly and efficiently. A public adjuster's typical task is to Evaluate damages and estimate the cost and time it will take to repair or replace property or structures. We help you understand your insurance policy, track the claim, file documents, and meet deadlines. We act as a liaison between you, the insurer, and other third parties, such as attorneys or witnesses. We'll negotiate with your insurance company to achieve a fair payout.

There’s no exact rule concerning when you should hire a public adjuster, but there are circumstances that make it worth considering. When there is a large claim for high-value, significant, or complex damage to your home, such as a fire, or you aren’t confident with the assessment performed by your insurer’s adjuster. If you feel your insurer’s adjuster underestimated, your claim or payout isn’t fair. And if you need assistance with a complex claim or the claims process. These and numerous others are reasons to have an experienced public adjuster review your claim.


No. Your policy gives your the right to hire counsel and representation. Any Insurance company that discriminates against you in any way for exercising your right, would be a violation on their part.
Typically, it is not too late. All claims have a time frame that allows you to adjust your claim for unforeseen reasons. We will carefully audit and analyze your claim and give you our professional opinion. If you do not believe you were paid the right amount and would to reevaluate your claim, please contact us.
Typically, claims are reevaluated and closed within (4) four weeks. All claims have different circumstances, nonetheless, each case is handled with immense care and urgency. We understand the mission of restoring you and your home back to pre-loss needs. Along with how much it means to you to be back there.
The next step would be an appraisal process. Appraisal is a formal process to handle disputes over the amount of a covered loss. We have third-party associates for these rare cases and can help you with the forms and process of submitting an appraisal claim. If TWIA denied your claim, you may file a lawsuit. We also have third-party associates for these rare cases.
Public adjusters charge up to 10% of your final settlement amount. In the very rare chance your insurance company doesn’t increase its offer after you hire the public adjuster, you’ll still have to pay the adjuster. Our Firm works with you in any rare case.


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